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  • Former friend.
  • Works for the police as a forensic expert.
  • She is vary of the way I often behave.
  • Condo in the Downtown District that she cannot afford.
  • Met in the Gargoyle.
  • Film buff.
  • Dangerous

Sly Mantok

Sly Mantok


  • 1,200 years old
  • Oldest known name: Callidus

Cassandra Lineage (The Umbra)

The Umbra embody the myth of the obscure and mysterious vampire.

They are enigmatic, secretive and masters of subtlety, knowledge and stealth. From the hidden corners of the underworld, they act with strategy and observation to gather intelligence.

Their insatiable curiosity and affinity for secrets drives them to uncover hidden or forgotten truths. Cassandras value knowledge and are often scholars, serving sometimes as advisors and spies.

  • Available powers: Agility, Shadow Touch, Sixth Sense, TechnomancyŠ
  • Starting power: Sixth Sense
  • Highest stat: Intellect or dexterity


Weiter mit: Drest of Aberlour.