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Possible Missions

  • Mapping/surveying
  • Exploration – the pushing out of new boundaries of the frontier
  • Carrying supplies and cargo to outposts and distant colonies
  • Carrying passengers
  • Diplomatic and trade missions
  • Patrol along marked or disputed boundaries
  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Responding to planetary emergencies
  • Responding to ships in distress
  • Routine visits to planets/colonies/space stations
  • Scientific missions
  • Defensive action against threats to Federation planets
  • Military manoeuvres
  • Testing of new equipment
  • Training missions
  • Serving as a police/security force where requested
  • Serving as good will ambassadors/showing the flag
  • Crisis control
  • Terrorist/hostage rescue


  • Psi-forces or psychic/mystical powers
  • Galaxy policemen
  • Fantasy instead of Sci-fi
  • Swords and Sorcery
  • Treating deep space as the local neighbourhood
  • Melodrama
  • Skipping the Prime Directive
  • Plots involving whole civilizations
  • Technology as the villain


Hidden in chapter two

  • Languages: If a character chooses to be proficient in linguistics, have them speak a minimum of languages equal to their Reason score.
  • Fewer subspace relays mean slower communication.
  • What does the character use the holodeck for?
  • Time dilatation under warp: Problems and inconveniences.
  • How does character use the replicator?
    • Soul food?
    • Decorations?
    • Clothing?

From Forum

Also, consult p. 201 on how to get NPC Crew involved. You can combine this with creating advantages (which can be created when you need help, cf. p. 191, so this will be applicable to assist, I think) and use crew as they were your Starship (cf. p. 169: Starships can generate advantages).


  • Languages don’t need to be spoken, have them whistled, for example.
  • Stardate around 44769.2–44780 (The Drumhead)
  • Cardassians
    • Have a peace treaty
    • Know that they will have to give up Terok Nor eventually.
  • Sentient Starship
    • Can create wormholes to travel ftl.
    • Gravity manipulation to travel below ftl. Generates gravity inside.
    • Telepathically linked to its Captain.
    • Jump capacity: 8 light years.
      • Recharging time: 24 h.
      • Warp 9.975
    • Bridge Bio and Federation Technology.
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