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Vampires inhabit Santa Maria since its early development, which happened at the beginning of the 20th century.

Santa Maria embodied the dynamism of a new era. Positioned as a cultural melting pot, it became a hub for cultural movements, scientific breakthroughs, and the pursuit of new ideas.


It is widely accepted that vampirism is an eternal enigma.

Even the most enlightened vampires harbour conflicting opinions on this matter. Each individual’s perspective significantly shapes their interpretation, and there is no definitive answer to this question.


Most of what you heard about vampires is untrue.

They are not deterred by crucifixes, garlic, or holy water, and they can enter private domains without invitation. A stake through the heart merely paralyzes them.


Depending on their progenitor, each vampire belongs to one of five different lineages.

Every vampire is affiliated with one of several “families,” each characterized by distinct traditions and manifestations of vampirism. Lineages are transmitted when one vampire creates another, with each lineage embodying a specific archetype of the vampire myth, bestowing unique powers and inclinations. Members of a lineage may not necessarily resemble or behave like each other. This alternative enables the Lineages optional rule in page 76.

What Mortals Know

While it’s not exactly legal, it’s not uncommon for vampires to have human allies of some sort.

Having connections with individuals possessing valuable skills or occupying influential positions is advantageous, whether one is undead or not. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution. Before disclosing your true nature, ensure that these individuals have a significant stake in maintaining your secret, that revealing the truth about you won’t be easily believed by others, and that they don’t intend to harm you.

The Internet

Using the internet is permitted.

As long as you keep your unnatural habits away from social media and use fake accounts, you may use the internet however you want.


The Agorean Movement is an independent Faction that questions the queen’s authority and governs part of Santa Maria.

They advocate for individual freedom and self-governance, and resist the constraints of the queen’s law. While their ranks include diverse ideologies, from idealists to nihilists, the common thread among them is a desire to challenge authority, question ancient traditions, and create a more egalitarian and liberated existence for vampires. This alternative gives access to the Agorean Movement NPCs.

Blood Sorcery

The powers of blood don’t manifest themselves through silly rituals

While some individuals may follow peculiar esoteric traditions, the concept of vampiric blood sorcery is non-existent in our world. Rituals are not a part of our reality.


Almost no undead believes in a bigger power.

A few make prayers and have group meetings, but they have no political influence.


Vampires who create blood links with others of their kind or even mortals are common.

They usually do it to establish a relationship of dominance and influence over the other individual.


They live in packs within the city and call themselves lycanthropes.

Werewolves are another type of creature that hides in the night. Vampires and them are not necessarily enemies: sometimes, they cooperate to keep their existences in the shadows. This alternative gives access to the Lycanthrope NPCs.

Mortal Magic

Human beings have no supernatural power.

Nothing will happen if they try to cast a spell or perform a ritual.


The precious promises vampires make one another are documents written on paper and marked with a drop of blood.

It can be a letter paper, a notebook page or even a napkin. Regardless of the material, it is treated as a contract. After singing an elegy, a vampire sheds a drop of blood on it and hands it to the one to whom she has sworn — or puts it in a safe place if she made the promise to herself.

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