Falk von Montal is a not too bright apprentice Witcher who got portaled into the Ironlands for reasons that should be revealed in the next weeks. He will seek his way back.

Analog Game Setup

Travel log

Chapter Ⅰ

You can read the AI generated narration of the following text in Chapter one - ai

  • Wakes up at beach.
    • Miss Gather Information.
  • Realizes that flora and fauna are completely alien.
    • Miss Endure Stress.
    • Weak Hit Make Camp.
  • Tries to gather energy from the land.
    • Miss Invoke.
  • Decides to travel towards shining fires he saw last night.
  • Begins the day meditating.
    • Weak Hit Secure an Advantage.
  • Breaks Camp and is on his way.
    • Miss Undertake a Journey.
    • Pay the Price.
  • Meets a wandering person.
    • +1 Forward
  • Is shown the way up the cliffs.
    • Weak Hit Undertake a Journey.
  • Decides to call it a day.
    • Strong Hit Make Camp.
  • Is sure that his second day will be more successful.
    • Miss Undertake a Journey.
    • Strong Hit Endure Stress
  • Presses on.
    • Weak Hit Undertake a Journey
  • Reaches a settlement.
    • Strong Hit Reach Destination.
  • Settlement Balkenwall is between a rock and a hard place as two warring parties are camped around it.
  • Meets elders and asks for help.
    • Miss Compel.
  • Elders ask him to get rid of the warmongers before they can help him.
    • Miss Gather Information.
    • Weak Hit Endure Stress
  • Nothing helpful comes forward except that the warriors are camped north and south of Balkenwall.
  • Falk swears to make the warring parties leav.
    • Weak Hit Swear an Iron Vow.
  • The bystanders begin to laugh.
  • Enters first camp and meets Delkash the war leader. He is totally indifferent to Falk’s and the settlement’s cause.
  • Falk decides to visit the second camp and meets Del the stubborn healer. He threatens Falk with death, damnation, and dismemberment.
  • Falk calls Del’s bluff.
    • Miss Face Danger.
  • And gets challenged to a duel.
    • Strong Hit Draw the Circle.
  • Falk cries “To the death!”.
    • Miss Enter the Fray.
    • Strong Hit Clash.
  • Falk parries and hits the unguarded flank of his opponent with the backhand swing.
    • Strong hit Strike with match.
  • Seamlessly goes into a pirouette, extends his sword arm, and decapitates Del in one flowing motion.
    • Strong Hit End the Fight.
  • Sword in hand, head bowed Falk voicelessly mutters: “Go, find shelter”, and leaves the camp.
  • On his way back to Delkash’s camp he meets the settlement’s elders and inquires about Delkash
    • Miss Secure an Advantage.
    • Miss Endure Stress.
  • None of the gathered people can help. Falk feels nearly desolated, but goes on to Delkash’s camp.
    • Weak Hit Gather Information.
  • Unfortunately Del wasn’t the cause for the campaign but rather something in his settlement.
    • Weak Hit Compel
  • Falk convinces Delkash that his enemies are weakened and clueless. Delkash demands that Falk joins his war band on their quest.
    • Weak Hit Battle.
    • Strong Hit Endure Stress.
  • The aftermath of the battle shows Falk looking over the battleground with tears streaming from his face.
  • Delkash offers Falk a place in his army. Falk refuses.
  • They talk about the situation and Delkash agrees to move on without bothering Balkenwall any further.
    • Strong Hit Fulfil your Vow with match. +1 Forward.