Chapter one

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Falk von Montal, a novice Witcher, found himself in the unfamiliar terrain of the Ironlands. He woke up on a beach, disoriented and confused. The flora and fauna around him were completely alien to him, causing him stress that he struggled to endure. Despite his attempts to gather energy from the land, he found himself unable to invoke any kind of power.

In the distance, he saw fires burning brightly against the night sky. He decided to travel towards them in hopes of finding civilization or at least some form of help. He began his journey after a morning of meditation, but his path was fraught with obstacles. His first day was particularly challenging as he got lost and had to endure harsh conditions.

On his second day, Falk met a wandering stranger who showed him the way up the cliffs. His journey became slightly easier from then on and by evening he had made significant progress. However, his optimism for a more successful second day was short-lived as he faced more hardships along the way.

Eventually, Falk reached a settlement called Balkenwall. But instead of finding solace and help there, he discovered that it was caught between two warring parties camped around it. The elders of Balkenwall were unable to assist Falk until the warmongers were dealt with.

With no other options left, Falk swore an iron vow to get rid of the warring parties surrounding Balkenwall. His vow was met with laughter from bystanders who doubted his capabilities as an outsider.

Falk first approached Delkash’s camp where he met Delkash himself - an indifferent war leader who cared little for Falk’s cause or for Balkenwall’s plight. Undeterred by Delkash’s indifference, Falk visited the second camp where he encountered Del - a stubborn healer who threatened him with death if he interfered.

In response to Del’s threats, Falk challenged him to a duel which ended in Del’s death. Falk’s victory over Del, however, did not bring peace to Balkenwall as he had hoped. The root of the problem was not Del but something within the settlement itself.

Falk returned to Delkash’s camp where he convinced the war leader that his enemies were weakened and clueless. In the ensuing battle, Falk fought alongside Delkash’s war band, enduring the stress and violence of war for the first time.

After the battle, a tearful Falk overlooked the battlefield, mourning the loss of lives. Despite his victory and offer to join his army, Falk refused Delkash’s offer. Instead, they struck a deal - Delkash agreed to leave Balkenwall in peace and move on without causing any further disturbances.

With this agreement, Falk fulfilled his iron vow and brought peace back to Balkenwall.

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