Four Against Darkness
Four Against Darkness Characters Cleric Ramsden Equipment Light armour Quarterstaff (two-handed) Clue Scroll with Escape spell. To sell Light armour Shield 1 Gem (35g) Stats Eigenschaft Wert Level 1 Blessings (3) 3 Healing (3) 2 Gold 6 Life (5) 4 Cleric Saxon Equipment Light armour Shield Lantern Gem (110g) Jewellery (120g) Stats Eigenschaft Wert Level 2 Blessings (3) 2 Healing (3) 2 Gold 102 Life (6) 6 Wizard Mead Spells Equipment Spell-book Writing implements Rope Bandages Ring of Teleportation (1d6+1 gold after usage) Stats Eigenschaft Wert Level 2 Spells 4 Gold 5 Life (4) 3 The Dungeon Creature Counter Bosses 0 Minion encounters 5 graph TD A[R1 2] --> B((C2 2)) --> C(RS3 1) --> D((C4 2)) --> E(R5 0) D --> F[R6 1] --> G((C7 2)) --> H((C8 1)) --> I((C9 2)) --> J[R10 1] --> K((C11 2)) --> L[R12 1] --> M[R13 2] --> N[R14 1] --> O((C15 1)) --> P((C16 2)) --> Q((C17 1)) --> R((C18 2)) --> S((C19 1)) --> T((C20 2)) --> U((R21 1)) --> V[*R22 0] 1d6: [4] = 4 1d66: [13] = 13, 2d6: [4, 3] = 7 → 1d6: [3] = 3 → 1d6: [4] = 4 Hobgoblins.
STACL Day Two Mission Generation I rolled my dice through the mission setup and decided to go with the results without much alteration: Spiritual / Community decided to give up religion. Save rogue super weapon. Surplus components. Three systems in sector Class F3 / Luminosity V. Ember star 3 planets 1 moon Theocratic Iron Age society, animism Natural phenomena Captain’s Log Stardate 44771.2 We are about to embark on our first mission.
STACL Day One Character and Ship Setup The setup is involved but thanks to a graph visualizing it doable. I got confused in the middle of it, not knowing if one or two steps are mandatory or optional, and managed to make a mistake by generated too many points and an extra focus. Fortunately, Modiphius built in a checkpoint (sum of points can only be X) and I corrected that.
Vampiric Motivation - Random Table
Vampiric Motivation My still drinking Thousand Year Old Vampire, Drest of Aberlour, needed a bit of motivation. As I am a big fan of random tables, I created two d66 tables to roll a random motivation with a vampiric twist. Enjoy! d66 Adjective d66 Adjective 11 Seductive 41 Enigmatic 12 Mysterious 42 Egoistic 13 Thirsty 43 Elusive 14 Eternal 44 Cursed 15 Immortal 45 Possessive 16 Alluring 46 Vengeful 21 Sinister 51 Manipulative 22 Enchanting 52 Devouring 23 Dominating 53 Power-hungry 24 Haunting 54 Enslaving 25 Tormented 55 Obsessive 26 Seductive 56 Sadistic 31 Hypnotic 61 Territorial 32 Cursed 62 Immortal 33 Enigmatic 63 Secretive 34 Mesmeric 64 Unquenchable 35 Insatiable 65 Lurking 36 Sultry 66 Parasitic d66 Noun d66 Noun 11 Desire 41 Thrall 12 Hunger 42 Obsession 13 Craving 43 Influence 14 Lust 44 Dominion 15 Seduction 45 Manipulation 16 Longing 46 Control 21 Temptation 51 Compulsion 22 Thirst 52 Submission 23 Immortality 53 Possession 24 Power 54 Domination 25 Secrecy 55 Devotion 26 Eternity 56 Dependency 31 Blood 61 Supremacy 32 Enchantment 62 Adoration 33 Mystery 63 Fascination 34 Allure 64 Obedience 35 Night 65 Subjugation 36 Darkness 66 Enslavement
STACL Preparation
Preparation Resources Product page TNG Writers and Directors Guide Tidier version TOS Writers and Directors Guide Voyager Technical Manual Generators Simple Mission Generator Short Character Bio STA Character Generator Starforged Oracle Another NPC Generator Star Trek Name Generator Soundtrack From the writers guides Possible Missions Mapping/surveying Exploration – the pushing out of new boundaries of the frontier Carrying supplies and cargo to outposts and distant colonies Carrying passengers Diplomatic and trade missions Patrol along marked or disputed boundaries Mediation and negotiation Responding to planetary emergencies Responding to ships in distress Routine visits to planets/colonies/space stations Scientific missions Defensive action against threats to Federation planets Military manoeuvres Testing of new equipment Training missions Serving as a police/security force where requested Serving as good will ambassadors/showing the flag Crisis control Terrorist/hostage rescue Don’ts Psi-forces or psychic/mystical powers Galaxy policemen Fantasy instead of Sci-fi Swords and Sorcery Treating deep space as the local neighbourhood Melodrama Skipping the Prime Directive Plots involving whole civilizations Technology as the villain Miscellanea Hidden in chapter two Languages: If a character chooses to be proficient in linguistics, have them speak a minimum of languages equal to their Reason score.
The Assassin
The Assassin Soundtrack Assassin’s Creed Ambient Mix Assassin’s Creed Relax Assassin’s Creed Revelations Assassin’s Creed Origins Best of assassin’s Creed 8 Vorgaben für Attentatsmissionen ÜNE Dieses Playthrough wurde während des Spiels aufgenommen und anschließend automatisiert transkribiert. Ich habe nur grobe Schnitzer, Doppelungen und Ähnliches entfernt. Tag 1 Ich bin Hazara. Ich bin ein Assassine. Während ich über die Stadt Venedig gucke, denke ich, dass du nichts von mir gehört hast, noch nie.
Ronin Review
Ronin Review My playthrough in German. Ronin is a solo RPG in which the player builds the story of a wandering warrior in search of redemption. It uses a “Yin and Yang” dice system where a white die represents you and your action while a black die stands for your opponents and their actions. Yin-yang is Chinese of course, not Japanese, but what the heck, it works and is fun.
Ronin Ronin auf und mein Review auf Englisch. Soundtrack Ⅰ Soundtrack Ⅱ Soundtrack Ⅲ Soundtrack Ⅳ Verwendete Quellen! Der Ronin „Hansuke“ stammt von Plebejern ab. Seine Familie lehnte sich gegen den aufsteigenden Clan der Tetsukoi auf, woraufhin diese seine Verwandten töteten. Seitdem streift er nur mit seinem Schwert und einem Bündel mit dem Notwendigsten durch das Land.
Curry Zucchini
Curry Zucchini Ingredients 1 kg courgettes 4 onions 4 tablespoons salt 400 ml white wine vinegar 500 g sugar 2 tsp curry 2 tsp pepper 1 tbsp mustard seeds Preparation Cut the courgettes and onions into thin slices, mix in a bowl with the salt and leave to stand for two hours. Mix with the salt and leave to marinate for two hours. Pour off the the resulting stock and keep it.
Der Vampyr
Der Vampyr – John Stagg "Warum sieht mein Herr so tödlich blass aus? Warum schwindet das Rote von seiner Wange? Was fehlt meinem liebsten Ehemann? Sprich, o Hermann, von deinen wahren Sorgen! "Warum seufzt du in der stillen Ruhestunde, Trauernd im Schlaf so traurig dahin? Bist du von schwerstem Kummer erdrückt, Von unerträglichen Leiden geplagt? "Warum bebt deine Brust? Warum klopft dein Herz? Sprich! Und wenn es Linderung gibt, Wird Gertrude dir Trost spenden, Wenn nicht, zumindest dein Leid teilen.