Greyson Ashcroft
Greyson Ashcroft Progenitor Level 1 blood link Older man with steel grey hair. Wears country clothing or a sports jacket with leather patches. Slight upper class accent. Called “The Sir”. Home in the Old Town District Patron of the Santa Maria Museum Extreme
Sly Mantok
Sly Mantok Bio 1,200 years old Oldest known name: Callidus Cassandra Lineage (The Umbra) The Umbra embody the myth of the obscure and mysterious vampire. They are enigmatic, secretive and masters of subtlety, knowledge and stealth. From the hidden corners of the underworld, they act with strategy and observation to gather intelligence. Their insatiable curiosity and affinity for secrets drives them to uncover hidden or forgotten truths. Cassandras value knowledge and are often scholars, serving sometimes as advisors and spies.
Susan Former friend. Works for the police as a forensic expert. She is vary of the way I often behave. Condo in the Downtown District that she cannot afford. Met in the Gargoyle. Film buff. Dangerous
Truths All truths on this page belong to the game Elegy. Elegy is a Miracle M game licensed under the cc by 4.0 licence. History Vampires inhabit Santa Maria since its early development, which happened at the beginning of the 20th century. Santa Maria embodied the dynamism of a new era. Positioned as a cultural melting pot, it became a hub for cultural movements, scientific breakthroughs, and the pursuit of new ideas.
STACL Review
STACL Review The game is too easy, I constantly found myself making it harder to succeed, for example by requiring both dice to succeed instead of just one. And it is imperative to constantly use the momentum/thread mechanics to introduce more story elements. Speaking of story elements: During preparation, I read the TOS and TNG writers guides, which explicitly state not to write stories about religion or whole civilizations. I tried both, of course, and it was a lovely endeavour to play myself out of the problems that created.
STACL Day Four
STACL Day Four Captain’s Log Supplemental (Act Three) The artifact is gone again, hiding in the dust cloud, but the planet is safe and its people secure. And nobody is going to be prosecuted. We are looking forward to our next adventure.
STACL Day Three
STACL Day Three Captain’s Log Supplemental (Act Tow) Both crews are in a frenzy, as we try to find out what happens to the dust cloud and the planet. As we don’t know, how long we have until dire consequences happen, we feel that time is of the essence. Captain’s Log Supplemental (Act Three) Grasping at straws, we beam down to the planet where we hope to find information that helps us understand the quantum entanglement between cloud and planet.
Four Against Darkness
Four Against Darkness Characters Cleric Ramsden Equipment Light armour Quarterstaff (two-handed) Clue Scroll with Escape spell. To sell Light armour Shield 1 Gem (35g) Stats Eigenschaft Wert Level 1 Blessings (3) 3 Healing (3) 2 Gold 6 Life (5) 4 Cleric Saxon Equipment Light armour Shield Lantern Gem (110g) Jewellery (120g) Stats Eigenschaft Wert Level 2 Blessings (3) 2 Healing (3) 2 Gold 102 Life (6) 6 Wizard Mead Spells Equipment Spell-book Writing implements Rope Bandages Ring of Teleportation (1d6+1 gold after usage) Stats Eigenschaft Wert Level 2 Spells 4 Gold 5 Life (4) 3 The Dungeon Creature Counter Bosses 0 Minion encounters 5 graph TD A[R1 2] --> B((C2 2)) --> C(RS3 1) --> D((C4 2)) --> E(R5 0) D --> F[R6 1] --> G((C7 2)) --> H((C8 1)) --> I((C9 2)) --> J[R10 1] --> K((C11 2)) --> L[R12 1] --> M[R13 2] --> N[R14 1] --> O((C15 1)) --> P((C16 2)) --> Q((C17 1)) --> R((C18 2)) --> S((C19 1)) --> T((C20 2)) --> U((R21 1)) --> V[*R22 0] 1d6: [4] = 4 1d66: [13] = 13, 2d6: [4, 3] = 7 → 1d6: [3] = 3 → 1d6: [4] = 4 Hobgoblins.
STACL Day Two Mission Generation I rolled my dice through the mission setup and decided to go with the results without much alteration: Spiritual / Community decided to give up religion. Save rogue super weapon. Surplus components. Three systems in sector Class F3 / Luminosity V. Ember star 3 planets 1 moon Theocratic Iron Age society, animism Natural phenomena Captain’s Log Stardate 44771.2 We are about to embark on our first mission.
STACL Day One Character and Ship Setup The setup is involved but thanks to a graph visualizing it doable. I got confused in the middle of it, not knowing if one or two steps are mandatory or optional, and managed to make a mistake by generated too many points and an extra focus. Fortunately, Modiphius built in a checkpoint (sum of points can only be X) and I corrected that.