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Drest of Aberlour
Drest of Aberlour This is my ongoing game of “A Thousand Year Old Vampire”. It will be updated from time to time. The date of the last update is at the bottom of the page. Mark Blue circular tattoos on both cheeks. I see the Crow everywhere. Skills Moneylending, now being a banker Cold rage Riding !lost! Persuading people to do my bidding. Picking locks Leading people Hibernation I know what’s real Legal studies Sacrifice everything, if necessary It’s None of my Concern Forging papers Resources A silver brooch, finely crafted with a long and sturdy pin.
Root Bread
Root Bread Sponge 150 g plain wheat flour (substitute 15–30 g whole grain wheat flour, if you have it) 3 g fresh yeast or 1 g dried yeast 150 ml warm water Mix everything together. If using dry yeast dissolve it in the warm water first. Cover it and let it rest in a warm place for 1–3 hours. It should get bubbly and smell yeasty. Dough 150 g plain wheat flour 60 ml warm water 6 g salt Sponge Mix everything together and let the kitchen machine knead it for 15 minutes.
<!DOCTYPE HTML> Susantitle: Susan languagecode: en date: 2024-02-15 lastmod: 2024-02-28 toc: false nolist: falseKopierenSusan Former friend. Works for the police as a forensic expert. She is vary of the way I often behave. Condo in the Downtown District that she cannot afford. Met in the Gargoyle. Film buff. Dangerous Sly Mantoktitle: Sly Mantok languagecode: en date: 2024-02-15 lastmod: 2024-03-20 toc: trueKopierenSly MantokBio 1,200 years old Oldest known name: Callidus Cassandra Lineage (The Umbra)The Umbra embody the myth of the obscure and mysterious vampire.
Hunting the Monster in Ironsworn Although fighting is an integral part of Ironsworn, the game does not reward fighting and killing mechanically, as there are no experience points to gain from winning fights. Losing them on the other hand can be quite painful. A more sophisticated approach to fighting monsters than just beating them into a pulp can be used to hunt them down, fight them, and gain experience at the same time.